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Ever wish that you could quickly and easily find the best documents out there on which to base your next municipal document? Whether you are updating your existing bylaws or policies, or looking to develop new standards and want to see what similar municipalities have in place,
BoxOfDocs is here to help.

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Cheryl Bergman, Executive Assistant at Flagstaff County

“I have to say I personally have already benefited from BoxOfDocs. It’s so much nicer to search one site that has documents from other municipalities, rather than trying to find what you are looking for by googling. It's so nice to have one spot where you can do specific ... searches, and filter down to just your province, and only include County’s etc. It's great!”

Jennifer Goodine, Executive Director at CAMA

"The BoxOfDocs service would be extremely beneficial for all of our members (large and small) to have the opportunity to not have to reinvent the wheel when seeking information on a variety of topics.”


"As for BoxOfDocs, I absolutely love it. Rave reviews from me. I have logged in and searched relevant documents and I found it to be so user friendly and just what I needed. I think this is an amazing resource that I know I will use time and time again."