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Spending too much time creating or updating policies? Want access to other municipalities’ documents instantly?
Search over 100,000 municipal documents to use as guidelines for your ordinances, policies, and more,
in an easy-to-use platform.
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"I signed up the City of Grande Prairie for a trial of Box of Docs and so far I have had nothing but positive feedback from my colleagues. I cannot say enough about this library and how simple, easy and useful it is for every Manager and Department head who needs document resources."
Arlene Karbashewski
City Clerk, Legislative Services - City of Grande Prairie
“I have to say I personally have already benefitted from BoxofDocs. It’s so much nicer to search one site that has documents from other municipalities, rather than trying to find what you are looking for by googling.
It's so nice to have one spot where you can do specific searches, and filter down to just your province, and only include County’s etc. It's great!
Cheryl Bergman
Executive Assistant, Flagstaff County for BoxofDocs, I absolutely love it. Rave reviews from me. I have logged in and searched relevant documents and I found it to be so user friendly and just what I needed. I think this is an amazing resource that I know I will use time and time again. Thank you for getting me all set up. Looking forward to my continued use with this database."
Lisa Steel
Protective Services Administrator, Red Deer County
“BoxofDocs has been wonderful to work with. Their customer service goes above and beyond; they are always willing and able to answer questions and are always open to hearing feedback. The program itself is extremely useful and has significantly cut down our research time when it comes to drafting new Bylaws or Policies. We can now access multiple bylaws or policies at the click of a button, instead of having to roam the internet. As Administrator of this program for our office, I have received nothing but positive feedback from my team.”
Kayla Sidoruk
Executive Assistant & Legislative Coordinator, Town of Edson
"Setting up the account was straight forward, fast and without issues, which for me was a real plus. The site has a good look and feel and I found the main screen page uncluttered which I definitely prefer as a user... allowed me to quickly source some current bylaws and policies on a couple of different topics from municipalities the size and type I needed. I am impressed with options BoxOfDocs provides as a research tool.

It’s fast, pretty easy to pick up after a bit of instruction and there’s a fairly wide range of topics to search on already. This tool will definitely be a real time saver for anyone needing to find samples of bylaws, policies or procedures. I will recommend BoxOfDocs to our clients and Civic Solutions will definitely sign up for a subscription."
Lavinia Henderson, CLGM
President and CEO, Civic Solutions Inc.
"This topic has been discussed around the Board table over the years, however it is difficult for CAMA to maintain such a large platform with ever-changing information. The BoxOfDocs service is extremely beneficial for all of our members (large and small) to have the opportunity to not have to reinvent the wheel when seeking information on a variety of topics."
Jennifer Goodine
Executive Director, CAMA

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