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BoxOfDocs believes what you believe. That the world is a better place when communities share knowledge and work together.

Our Story

This government technology company headquartered in Calgary Canada, is a first of it’s kind team of experienced government, administration and technology professionals building and designing a knowledge sharing platform specifically for local governments.  

Leading the government service sector with their intelligent search engine portal, and now with a repository of government only non-published documents, BoxOfDocs aims to become the world’s largest secure library of municipal documents – and unite communities around the globe so they can solve problems together. 

Governments have needed these tools for a long time and now with the help of a prestigious accelerator program BoxOfDocs is confidently positioned to deliver them.

In March 2020, we received news that only two other Canadian companies had ever received – that his company BoxOfDocs, had been accepted into the spring cohort at University of California, Berkely SkyDeck – the tech hub of Silicon Valley. This meant that we would be joining 23 other startups working with advisors and investors in this world class program – and propel his way to revolutionizing the way governments find and use day-to-day documents that help them improve policies.

The partnerships we have built represent a national network of government professionals. These are partnerships with local government associations as well as government service providers across the country. Strength in numbers offers more value to the local governments we serve, and our core belief is to strengthen communities by sharing knowledge – so we demonstrate that in building these strong partnerships.