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BoxOfDocs - Semi-Finalist for AcceliCITY 2020

BoxOfDocs is proud to be selected as 1 of 50 companies for the AcceliCITY 2020 Program.  Which helps start-ups succeed by connecting them

with mentors from ‘Leading Cities’ global network of smart city experts and city leaders.  Of the hundreds of companies from over 37

countries that applied to be A part of the program, BoxOfDocs was 1 of the 50 selected companies that stood out as an exceptional contender.

“Each year the quality of applicants continues to increase, demonstrating the growing maturity of the Smart City industry. Being selected as a semi-finalist in the AcceliCITY program among such impressive competitors is already an outstanding achievement and worthy of the attention that cities around the world will now give each semi-finalist,” 

Michael Lake, President & CEO of Leading Cities.

BoxOfDocs is a Smart City start-up that envisions a world where cities, towns and counties around the world are empowered to collaborate and seamlessly learn from each other for the benefit of all, in real time. Our inaugural product BoxOfDocs Search is best described as ‘Google Search for Local Government

Documents’. Looking ahead, BoxOfDocs plans to provide tools that will allow for better planning and the ability to proactively address emerging issues before they become problem.   As a semi-finalist BoxOfDocs will be working with Leading City Mentors which will help guide BoxOfDocs to the proper

channels, networks, people, and knowledge to do business with cities worldwide.  AcceliCITY will play an integral role in helping BoxOfDocs achieve our goals, increase the value that we offer and help BoxOfDocs grow to provide integral tools for communities across the globe.