Cost Saving Ideas

Costly Collaboration Practices Provide a $34,200/hr Savings Opportunity for Municipalities

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Costly Collaboration Practices Provide a $34,200/hr Savings Opportunity by Derrick Koenig Some of the well-intended collaboration practices within the Canadian Municipal Industry come with a hidden cost, providing a cost savings opportunity of $34,200/hr! Before I explain the logic behind the number, I must say that one of the most impressive attributes of the public […]

Sharing Economy

The Sharing Economy and Municipalities

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by Derrick Koenig Sharing, One of the Oldest and Most Universal Instincts “It can create new and exciting economic opportunities, facilitate knowledge sharing and enhance networks with other cities, political institutions and civil society.” Sounds great right; so what is ‘It’? Is it possible that the change we are looking for in our communities, municipalities […]

Intellectual Property

Who Owns Your Design?

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by Derrick Koenig Who Owns the Design of Your Industrial Facility or Municipal Installation? It is hard to believe, but after paying thousands (or often millions) to their engineering service providers, most paying customers know that they own the actual final facility but don’t truly understand if they own the final ‘design’. Don’t be embarrassed, […]