More thoughts from Ontario CAOs: Municipal Efficiencies and Modernization

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More Thoughts from Ontario CAOs: Municipal Efficiencies and Modernization Many, if not all the municipalities in Ontario have some type of shared service agreements in place with their neighbours. Some common examples of shared services include: Regional fire Ambulance Public transportation Roads and streets Recreation Solid waste Water and wastewater services Economic development Building code […]

Thoughts from Alberta CAOs

MAP: Thoughts from Alberta CAOs (1 of 2) So, you are 1 of 254 Alberta municipalities that will be spending time with Alberta Municipal Affairs to complete the requirements of the Municipal Accountability Program (MAP). How does that make you feel? Lucky? Overwhelmed? We spoke to a handful of CAO’s in Alberta (Rick Binnendyk Town of Penhold, […]

More Thoughts from Alberta CAOs

MAP – Thoughts from Alberta CAO’s (part 2 of 2) What Was Your First Reaction to Being Selected for MAP? Most CAO’s have a common reaction.  Nice.  There’s one more thing to worry about.  How much time is this going to take?  Kim Neill, CAO for the Town of Hanna says, “The letter that you […]

What is Open Data?

Open Sesame to Open Data The only time I can recall exclaiming “Open Sesame!” was when I was a young lad. Quite often the expression had to do with opening a secret passage to a hidden world. There was also bit of magic attached to those words. Today, in many ways, there is that same […]

Why Sharing is Smart

Why Sharing is Smart You’ve probably heard of Limebike, Uber and Air BNB. If you haven’t you are most likely listening to a transistor radio in your basement after eating a satisfying jello-based salad. So, you probably get the idea that sharing things these days, or at least not owning everything that you use – […]

Technology Can Make You Bigger

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Technology Can Make You Bigger Do you remember the Wizard of Oz? One of my favourite thoughts around the Wizard of Oz story was the illusion created by the all-mighty Wizard himself. He had a big, booming voice, made loud noises and used his grand persona to hide the truth – that he was really […]

Top 5 Reasons to Join Your Industry Association

Top 5 Reasons to Join Your Industry Association Have you ever debated whether or not to join your industry’s association? Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider joining your industry’s association (in no particular order). 1.     Member Benefits Most associations have exclusive publications and email newsletters that members can take advantage […]