Using Data to Remain Relevant

Using Data to Remain Relevant Those who work with industry/sector associations are aware of how critical it is to be able to leverage publicly available data. This is very useful to help figure out the challenges that their members are facing. Even with the efficiency of sharing and collaborating through the use of the internet, […]

The Next Generation of Leaders

The Next Generation of Leaders Information has turned into an extremely accessible part of our lives. The millennial generation sees information as something that is available at all times, thanks to the Internet. This particular generation never had to struggle with the obstacles that other generations dealt with before the World Wide Web was created. […]

How Transparency Promotes Municipalities

How Transparency Promotes Municipalities Transparency in politics has become a hot-button topic, especially over the last five years. Government mistrust is at a peak and people are demanding answers and access to information. Voters calling for transparency was witnessed in this past Federal election of a minority government. Federal and provincial politics are having an […]

Why Sharing is Smart

Why Sharing is Smart You’ve probably heard of Limebike, Uber and Air BNB. If you haven’t you are most likely listening to a transistor radio in your basement after eating a satisfying jello-based salad. So, you probably get the idea that sharing things these days, or at least not owning everything that you use – […]

The Sharing Economy and Municipalities

Sharing: One of the Oldest and Most Universal Instincts “It can create new and exciting economic opportunities, facilitate knowledge sharing and enhance networks with other cities, political institutions and civil society.” Sounds great right; so what is ‘It’? Is it possible that the change we are looking for in our communities, municipalities or even the […]