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What people are saying about BoxOfDocs

Village of Delburne, Alberta

We spoke with Karen Fegan, CAO for the Village of Delburne, about her and her team’s experience using BoxOfDocs.

As the Chief Administrative Officer for the Village of Delburne in Alberta, Canada, Karen Fegan is all too familiar with the tedious, time consuming process of developing and updating policies and by-laws for her municipality. As part of Delburne’s small administrative team, she is one of the people actively involved in the necessary research of policy, precedence and legalities – an important part of the drafting process which often involves hours of internet research and making phone calls to neighbouring municipalities. At times, the process would involve numerous consultations with lawyers, quickly resulting in very expensive legal fees.

When we asked Karen about what resources she uses for researching policy, precedence and legalities.

Karen individually checks the websites of other municipalities one by one, goes through the LGAA (Local Government Administrative Association) resources, email and phone contacts in various municipalities, amongst other things.  As she explains, it can be a very lengthy process when the documents she is looking for are scattered around the web.

Karen and her team recently started using the BoxOfDocs platform to aid them throughout the process of writing municipal bylaw and policy. With an online repository of over 400,000 documents and growing, she has been pleased with how simple the process of accessing documents has become by using the platform.

This allows us to go to just one place”, says Karen.  “Use the search tool and it’s all right there.” It really is a one stop shop.

In her department, Karen credits BoxofDocs with saving them “hundreds of hours”.  Instead of combing the web in search of a single document, Karen encourages her municipal colleagues to try BoxOfDocs easy-to-use search function. Like her, she is confident new users will very quickly discover just how much time and money this tool can save.  She points out that small municipalities like hers operate lean, so they often struggle with allocating enough time and manpower to do the required research.  At the Village of Delburne, BoxofDocs is used primarily by staff for creating new by-laws and policy. However, Karen also uses the search engine for other matters, such as HR documentation, which she finds to be extremely helpful when updating policies.

Karen initially heard about BoxofDocs through her Finance Officer. When she attended the AUMA Conference (Alberta Urban Municipalities Association) in 2019, she made a point of visiting Derrick Koenig, President of BoxofDocs, at his booth to learn more about the product.  She is very happy she did as this tool has helped her team do research more efficiently and affordably, allowing them to allocate more time to other pressing matters.  She will be entering into a full review of all policies and bylaws in the near future.  Knowing they have BoxofDocs at their fingertips is very reassuring.

Asked if she would recommend BoxofDocs to her colleagues Karen said,

Absolutely.  Without hesitation, absolutely.  It’s a tool that will save them time and money.  A fabulous tool to have at your fingertips and no municipality, in my opinion, should be without it.


Karen M. Fegan, CLGM, CT
Chief Administrative Officer
Village of Delburne