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BoxOfDocs - Selected for SkyDeck Spring 2020 Cohort

BoxOfDocs is proud to be selected as 1 of 24 companies chosen amongst 1,600 global applicants to participate in the Berkeley SkyDeck Program. Berkley SkyDeck is the top global accelerator for the

world’s leading start-up companies.  Berkeley SkyDeck has provided BoxOfDocs with a network of mentors and connections to help build an ever-growing sustainable brand that

will serve local governments for generations. UC Berkeley’s SkyDeck program mission is to find and accelerate the world’s most impactful startups.

‘At Berkeley, people come to change the world. That’s what we expect our start-ups to do, and we expect ourselves at SkyDeck to do everything we can to enable this. When start-ups can’t meet potential customers and investors in person to expand their network, tapping into an existing network is absolutely critical.’

BoxOfDocs is currently in the UC Berkeley SkyDeck Cohort. A GovTech company aimed at serving local government organizations to share best practices on developing public policy. This is becoming especially relevant during the pandemic. To date, BoxOfDocs has focused on local ordinances and policies,

by providing a Government Document Search platform for publicly sourced documents at no cost to government employees. The longer-term goal is to identify Sector Trends and Insights, eventually moving into Predictive Analytics that would allow cities and counties to be more proactive on issues

rather than being forced to react to issues as they emerge.

The Berkley Skydeck Program has already helped connect BoxOfDocs with key contacts in California and throughout North America.  The future is bright and BoxOfDocs is taking everything they can out of this world renown incubator.