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Top 5 Reasons to Join Your Industry Association

Have you ever debated whether or not to join your industry’s association? Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider joining your industry’s association (in no particular order).
1.     Member Benefits
Most associations have exclusive publications and email newsletters that members can take advantage of to keep on top of the latest industry news. In addition, associations are able to provide members with bulk/discount pricing on services and products from their strategic partners.

2.     Networking Opportunities
Networking events held by the association are also a terrific way to talk to like-minded people that understand what you are working on. Depending on the association, you are often able to expand your network with other members that are in different provinces,  cities or even different countries.

3.     Education and Resources
It is a great way to learn more about your industry so you can be updated on what they’re advocating for and the current top business issues. Associations can assist with your professional development through programs and industry experts. Tools and resources such as industry-specific training, webinars and workshop opportunities are available as well. Sometimes associations have exclusive job postings that are only available through them.

4.     Recognition
Being part of an association shows others that you are passionate about your industry. You will often be able to promote yourself and your municipality on the association’s website. It also adds to your credentials and makes you or your municipality even more credible.

5.     Industry Events and Conferences
Associations often hold annual conventions and conferences for members. This is another networking opportunity to exchange ideas, knowledge and best practices (both successes and failures). By building relationships with like-minded people, you will have many more connections to reach out to throughout the entire year.

Considering all these benefits, following are a few of the many municipal associations that you may want to consider joining:

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