BoxOfDocs is the leading provider of municipal document classification, labelling and smart search technology. All products are based on proprietary leading edge machine learning algorithyms, developed by our team of software engineers.


BoxOfDocs Researy Library

Our inaugural product helps municipal staff and consultants get easily access to municipal documents such as bylaws, policies, job descriptions and procedures from municipalities across the country, all in one place. Machine learning is used to maintain a library of documents that is current at all times and very EASY to search. The result is significant savings – saving time and money. And we are just getting going. In fact, search is just the beginning.  


Categorization and Labeling of PDF Files

Do you have sea containers or warehouses of paper documents? Interested in having all this paper scanned? Categorization and labeling of the pdf files is critical in order that your team is able to navigate the large number of files produced. At BoxOfDocs, this is taken care of by our proprietary machine learning algorithms. Whether you want to simply establish document types or need to extract ‘date of issue’ from each document to establish archiving requirements, we have you covered
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Local Government Trends Identification

Interested in seeing the top challenges and trends that local governments face in real time? Ever wish that you could continuously monitor meeting minutes and committee reports, across a region, zone, province or the entire country? Our proprietary algorithms do all the work, identifying the top issues and challenges being addressed by municipalities on a weekly basis. Custom reporting is available to meet your specific needs.
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BoxOfDocs Research Library