BoxOfDocs gives local, state, and federal municipal staff and consultants access to hundreds of thousands of municipal documents, such as bylaws, ordinances, policies, RFPs, job descriptions, and procedures from municipalities globally…
all in one place and most importantly, secure.

Our machine learning and artificial intelligent platform maintains a secure database of public and member documents that are always current and easy to search.
The result? Significant savings in time and the ability to easily collaborate with your peers. The annual cost savings on average for our customers is $20,000.

Aren’t other search engines good enough for me?

With BoxOfDocs, instead of 50 million results, you only have 20, with the ability to refine further by using filters like population, location and document type (all without having the clutter of advertising mixed in with your results!)

How does BoxOfDocs help my organization become more efficient?‚Äč

BoxOfDocs streamlines your work by putting the most relevant and up-to-date documents in your hands in seconds. BOD Members get time to focus on more important work and priorities. They accomplish more than their peers, not to mention how they are perceived by elected officials and the public they serve!