What We Offer

Aren’t other search engines good enough?

Would you rather have… 20 top government policies (or economic plans, ordinances, etc.), from regions you specified, or from areas with certain population size and density; and sorted by the most recently issued document?


50 million results of mixed news articles, opinions, websites, cluttered with ads?

More is not always better!

How does BoxOfDocs make me more efficient?‚Äč

By putting the most relevant and up-to-date documents in your hands in seconds!

  • You get back precious time to focus on high priority work.

  • You accomplish more.

  • Your boss and elected officials will love you!


Simply put, BoxOfDocs brings you
over 250,000 local government documents,

– bylaws, ordinances, policies, RFPs, job descriptions, economic plans, procedures and more, from around the world –

All in one place.

With Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, documents are
always current,
always secure, and
always easy to search.

The result?

Significant time savings, easily collaborate with other Local Governments,
and an average

annual cost saving of $20,000.